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Bio-Shape is a start-up company developed by academics from Manchester and Liverpool Universities to support biotechnology industries. Our purpose is to make cutting edge synthetic and analytical tools available for bioindustry needs. We have mass spectrometry based methods to analyse large and complex biomolecules with a focus on biopharmaceuticals requiring very low levels of sample material at short timescales. We develop novel biocatalysts at scale that are robust and offer a green alternative to chemical routes for industrial biotechnology and analytical applications.

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Protein Structural Analysis by Mass Spectrometry


Supporting the discovery and production of small molecule and protein-based therapeutics


Investigation of ligand binding, conformational change, protein-protein interactions, aggregation, protein dynamics, binding stoichiometry, epitope mapping


Expertise in the analysis of intact monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and their derivatives

Enhanced Structural Analysis of Carbohydrates and Biomolecules


Carbohydrate sequencing

Separating isobaric ions indistinguishable by MS alone

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